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Journalists and sources need to connect and Media Kitty makes that easy. Here’s how:

+ Professional journalists post requests for story assistance

+ PR people and businesses post news releases and offers for journalists to experience their products and services

Each contributes what they can to the “kitty” and each takes something away.

What’s more, Media Kitty has an online directory of journalism and PR sources. Post links to your website, blog, newsroom, image bank or Twitterfeed. There’s space for your picture, contact details, special interests and other relevant details. Save contacts and postings of interest to “My Kitty” – your online file drawer.

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The Travel and Lifestyle Communications Tools You Get With Media Kitty In Just Three Clicks

Are you a tourism or lifestyle professional seeking to connect with the world’s top working journalists? You’ve found the right spot. With a Media Kitty subscription you can:

  • Access Our Online Directory of Journalism Professionals. You get unlimited access to our directory of journalists who opt to be listed. Offer personalized pitches based on a journalist's city, region, company or special interests. You also get listed in the directory as an expert in your field, so journalists can contact you when seeking comments, background or story ideas. Unlike other service, contact details are included so you can get down to business without interference!
  • Media Leads. You can respond to journalists who post messages requesting specific story research, media review opportunities and more. Typically, journalists are looking for your story ideas, information about services or destinations, trip opportunities and other information to create fresh, compelling travel stories. You can also post your opportunities, including travel writer discounts or story ideas.
  • Network. Let us be your personal agent, paving the way for you to build productive relationships with fellow subscribers online and offline. We host annual subscriber events that offer informal, fun opportunities to connect and do business.
  • News Release Postings. You can post an unlimited number of news releases for travel and lifestyle journalists. Unlike other services, we archive releases and enable them to be searched by keyword. Our favorite releases are broadcast weekly to more than 10,000 media and other tourism and lifestyle professionals worldwide.
  • Media Trip Postings. Invite qualified journalists to experience and review your product or service through individual or group media trips. All postings keep you up to date with the latest industry trends and happenings so you can build story ideas and offer opportunities that help your own business development and promotion.
  • Jobs, Events and Insight. More than just a link to productive travel journalists, Media Kitty helps you find opportunities and resources, including marketing and media relations ideas, new jobs, employees and contracts as well as lucrative partnerships.
  • Your Personal Kitty. Choose and store contacts, leads and ideas in your own "kitty" accessible from anywhere there is a computer.
  • Articles About Your Tourism Business. Make more local, national and worldwide customers and media contacts.

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