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What is Media Kitty?

Media Kitty is a service for journalists and business professionals to communicate and stay connected through quick and easy postings.

10,128 journalists and PR pros active since 2001.


Use Media Kitty to find:

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PR Pros, Sources + Experts

Use Media Kitty to find:

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  • jobs and contracts
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  • contacts worldwide
News + Story Ideas
Tofino Expeditions Announces New Wild Sardinia Kayaking Tour for 2015
Victoria, BC
Oak Bay Beach Hotel brings Sinatra, Santa, something borrowed, and even the kitchen sink to 2014-15 dinner theatre season
Media Requests
Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Panama
Pretirement Travel
West Palm Beach, FL
Chris Caswell
Media Trips + Offers
Turner Valley, Alberta
Craft Spirits
Toronto, ON
The Ivy at Verity, Toronto Boutique Hotel
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