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Journalists and sources need to connect and Media Kitty makes that easy. Here’s how:

+ Professional journalists post requests for story assistance

+ PR people and businesses post news releases and offers for journalists to experience their products and services

Each contributes what they can to the “kitty” and each takes something away.

What’s more, Media Kitty has an online directory of journalism and PR sources. Post links to your website, blog, newsroom, image bank or Twitterfeed. There’s space for your picture, contact details, special interests and other relevant details. Save contacts and postings of interest to “My Kitty” – your online file drawer.

Contacting Media Kitty.

Need help or have suggestions? We can be reached at:
866 45 kitty

Much appreciated,

The Team at Media Kitty

What the Pros Say  

Read what our subscribers, the best critics, are saying about Media Kitty and the benefits working with Media Kitty brings

We are loving Media Kitty- I have already made so really great contacts. This is such a great association! Thanks always for your great help.
Lindsey Miller, Director of Communications & Tourism Marketing
San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce

It's a tremendous help and pleasure using the site.
Jen Karetnick, Journalist

Really love the Media Kitty site! You've done a great job!
Barbara Sealock, Journalist

Media Kitty is an important tool for my job.
Carolina Reymundez, Journalist
La Nacion

I'm not sure when my membership is up for renewal, but I just want to make sure I don't miss out!
Dawna Robertson, Journalist
The Write Words

We find Media Kitty extremely helpful.
Kevin and Sue McCarthy, On-air Radio Hosts
Travel Planners Radio Show

Media Kitty provides our company with a tremendous resource - allowing us to stay tuned-in to what's going on in the travel and tourism industry.
Solveig Thorsrud, President
The Firm PR

Your site is fabulous!
Janis Turk, Managing Editor

Please keep us on your list. We have a large travel section, and your site is very helpful.
Barbara Ruben, Managing Editor
Senior Beacon

Such a great crew!
Miguel A. Leal, Journalist
Porto Portugal

The service has been a great help with my travel column and spotting trends and locations for future feature stories.
Thomas Walter, Journalist
Washington Times

I would like to continue my membership with Media Kitty. Every time I receive an update, I find a new story line to put on my travel radio show
Stu Barash, Host, Travel Tomorrow with Stu Barash
KFNC FM News Channel 975

I like Media Kitty because I get a good dose of ideas and information in an easily digestible format -- without having to wade through lots of press releases and ads.
Lee Gimpel, Freelance Writer

Bravo for all the terrific work you've done.
Sue Facter, Society/Entertainment/Travel Writer

I use Media Kitty because I find fresh, sometimes unique subjects for travel articles -- subjects that I don't often see in regular press releases.
Sharon Boorstin, Writer
Women and Wine

I would like to thank you for your excellent service.

Janet Darbey, Writer

Love your web site. Many thanks and keep up the great work!
Brooke Cunningham, Journalist
Coastal Stories

I find Media Kitty extremely useful. I'm currently concentrating on writing travel guides. I have just completed the MTV Guide to Ireland, for Frommer's, which will be coming out in Summer 2006 and I'm currently working on the MTV Guide to the UK. Thank you very much.
Olivia Edward, Journalist

Media Kitty is a great resource for the money.  For us it is more than PR, it is a community for the travel industry.
Andy Levine, Owner
DuVine Adventures - Cycling Trips in Europe

I would like to renew my membership and keep working with you! I enjoy the service and find it helpful. You are doing excellent work.
Andrew Penner, Golf Journalist

You have created such an important and helpful website....Thank you so much! It is an organized and efficient website which is becoming invaluable for my work as a travel journalist.
Sandra Kennedy, Freelance Journalist

I love receiving Media Kitty. Please renew my subscription! As both a staff editor for a number of travel trade publications and as a freelancer, I really do look forward to Media Kitty. It’s a great resource for me in both areas.
Gretchen Schmidt, Executive Editor, Managing Editor
skylights - Spirit Airlines official inflight magazine & Worth Custom Publishing

Media Kitty has been a great resource for us at I've been able to connect with some great PR professionals who were able to provide the information I needed in a timely and most helpful fashion. Also, I've learned of some great trips and off the beaten path destinations that we were happy to include on our site or in my on-air travel features. Many thanks!
Lynn Hayes, Editor/Partner

Media Kitty is one e-stop I make every single day - I've found some great contacts (and contracts!) on Media Kitty's pages!
Dee Van Dyk, freelance journalist

As a freelance writer I click on your site perhaps once every ten days as I have done for the past three years. My discretionary use is in addition to a review of the newsletters you send frequently. I think it is excellent site and the best professional media site out there. Even your comments are continually upbeat which gives me a positive outlook when freelance is slow! Keep up the good work!
Jim Winnerman

Whether I'm looking for spa information, soft adventure ideas, updates for the meetings and incentive market I always seem to find something I can use courtesy of Media Kitty's industry members. In addition to it being a effective and efficient resource tool, it also helps fill my ideas file with fresh story suggestions.
Anne Dimon, freelance travel writer, spa columnist and editor

A posting that I read on your website led to a trip to Belize in the summer and so far I have sold four stories from that trip alone. Thank you, Media Kitty, for providing such a great service for travel writers around the world.
Anna 'AP' Rodrigues, travel journalist - Toronto, Ontario

I just took my first "Media Kitty press trip" this past week and it was great. Thanks for making it so easy for travel writers and PR agencies to come together and form a community.
John Discala
Jonny Jet - Manhattan Beach CA

I am a travel journalist who loves your site. You are doing a great job and I hope others appreciate it as much as I do. Thank you.
David Wilkening

Media Kitty offers one-stop shopping for travel journalists, editors and public relations representatives. I have found their website to be very helpful as an information resource.
Ron Stern, Travel Columnist
San Diego Community Newspaper Group

I would like to thank you for the outstanding services you provide through Media Kitty. Using Media Kitty has been by far the most beneficial experience I've had with any Internet-based resource for travel journalists.
Lucas Aykroyd, freelance journalist - Vancouver British Columbia

I have affiliated with Media Kitty early in its existence and I am so happy that I did. They are on top of what's happening in the travel world that I need to know:

  • media and press trip information;
  • referrals;
  • destination information;
  • associate members' news and announcements;
  • the opportunity to post my own special needs, and so much more

Information is presented in a concise, accurate manner. Media Kitty is ALWAYS very responsive and on top of what they do -- what every busy travelwriter needs. Thanks, Media Kitty.

Naomi K. Shapiro, Travel/Outdoor/Fishing writer

Since subscribing to Media Kitty I've given up the need to cat around looking for good travel industry info. It's all here in one tidy, trippy package, warm and fuzzy. [It] roars with all the relevant intelligence needed, and is a fun frolic to read as well. Can't keep my paws off it.
Richard Bangs

Media Kitty is the cat's meow for a dogged journalist looking for great story ideas. I average at least two leads a week from it and have made great contacts with some of the best PR names in the business.
David Moye
Wireless Flash News Service

More than a year ago, we posted a news release on Media Kitty, received a solid response and got some good national press. Because news releases are archived on your site, they continue to provide a great benefit. Last month, a freelance writer for the Boston Globe travel section contacted me about the release she had seen on your site. Last Sunday, a story about our contest ran in the Arrivals & Departures section of the Globe. The Sunday Globe has a circulation of more than 700,000. That's a fantastic media hit considering the news was more than a year old! Thanks for a great service!
Tim Bete
Erma Bombeck Writers' Workshop

Your site is really just getting better and better. A great idea and a great job, so thank you for that.
Rob McKeown
Travel & Leisure in US & contributing editor Gourmet Traveller in Oz & Asian contributor

My Media Kitty posting for PR help with a story on destination weddings brought me several good sources. These publicists will be duly rewarded with the residual publicity and I hope they receive praise from their clients as well. Thanks for the service.
Diane Daniel, Freelance Correspondent
Boston Globe

I enjoy your site and read everything you send. Thanks for the great job you do and the service you provide.
Rose Hooper, Features Editor
The Sylva Herald - Jackson County Florida

Media Kitty has been a great addition to our travel practice as it provides numerous opportunities at an incredible value.
Heather Haus MacCuspie
Ruder Finn - New York

In the world of PR there are two types: the ones who get it, and the ones who don't and never will. As a full-time freelancer I run from the latter. Media Kitty allows me to choose who I want to talk to in an efficient, timely manner. Not only that, the staff at Media Kitty completely understands the needs of a journalist and goes out of its way to help.
Bill Kerig, freelance journalist - Salt Lake City Utah

Excellent! We’ve seen a lot of media emails in response to our postings on Media Kitty. I would recommend it.
Cathy Holler
Learning and Enrichment Travel Alliance - Vancouver British Columbia

Media Kitty is a good, crisply designed service that is a positive addition to our media outreach.
Robert Phillips
Oakwood Worldwide - Los Angeles California

We’ve seen several journalists visit Amelia Island, Florida because of a posting on These writers were top-shelf pros and the placements that resulted were in respected, mainstream publications.
W. Patrick McSweeney
St. John & Partners - Amelia Island Florida

Media Kitty is wonderful! We love you guys! You are sending out our stuff and your subscribers love it! They are responding in droves!
Nancy Pfeiffer
Adventure Travel Media Source - Cheyenne Wyoming

I think it’s the best service going for travel writers right now.
Ilona Biro, freelance writer/author - Toronto Ontario

The site is well designed and informative. Very professional and appears to have a good grasp of the travel writer’s or PR person’s needs.
Tom Verde
Savvy Traveler & Copley News Service - Sandwich Kent

Media Kitty is really quite wonderful for editors trying to keep up with travel and leisure.
Ellen Terry
Arts & Leisure News Service - New York

The best thing about Media Kitty is the professionalism and sense of community that permeates all materials such as the website and email updates.
Christina Wolfe
Arizona Parenting - Phoenix Arizona

A great service!
Barb Taylor, freelance writer - Calgary Alberta

It's been very useful to me.
Susan McKee, freelance journalist - Indianapolis Indiana

I find your site extremely helpful.
Neilia Sherman, freelance writer - USA

Media Kitty has been a reliable resource for contacts and ideas. Great job!
Iyna Bort Caruso, freelance journalist - Rockville Centre New York

Media Kitty is a nice, clear, easy-to-spot-the-information-I-want site.
Denise Mattia, Writer/Photographer - New York City

You are doing an absolutely fabulous job! You have up-to-date media opportunities and contacts that make it easy for a journalist to get the job done. Your website is user friendly and straightforward.
Jenny Werth, freelance journalist - Los Angeles California

Excellent and very useful service.
Aad Struijk
Aad's Travel Books - Toronto Ontario

Media Kitty really works because it links journalists with PR professionals all over the world. I'm from the UK and I have found the service very useful in the short time I've been a full member.
name withheld, Freelance journalist - London England

I've found the site really useful and am always recommending it! It was a great help when I posted a request and created some interesting international links. Keep up the good work!
Rachel Newcombe, freelance journalist - UK

Media Kitty is unique in that you are aware of the public relations and marketing side of travel promotion and understand travel writers' needs as well.
L. Peat O'Neil, author of Travel Writing - See the World-Sell the Story - Washington, DC

It's an excellent service for writers ... PR types will use it heavily if they'll just try it and see how many hits they get in return. It's a great idea. I hope all of us can help you keep it going.
Fred Seely
Bailey Publishing - Jacksonville Florida

I truly like your service and find that the trip opportunities are wonderful.
Michelle Moran, journalist - Adelanto California

Media Kitty does a great job! I look forward to the new features on the site. I think they will be helpful for journalists as well as the travel trade.
Kris King, freelance photojournalist - Toronto Ontario

A useful resource for both travel marketers and the travel writers they hope to attract. As a travel writer, I consider Media Kitty as necessary a tool as my camera.
Jackie Johnson
Johnson Communications - Winnipeg Manitoba

Great resource, well done.
Randi Schmelzer - Hollywood California

This is a wonderful service. I have really enjoyed it.
Sheri Ann Richerson, freelance journalist - Marion Indiana

A great idea and a fantastic resource. I use it on every trip I take.
Andrew Cherney
Primedia - Los Angeles California

Thank you for providing a most useful service
Tony Jones - Surrey BC

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all your efforts into making Media Kitty such a great resource for travel writers. I have been a member for a number of months now and I think it's such a great site. I love it! And I love the new look, too. You and your staff do such a super job! Thanks!
Debbie Stone, features writer
Woodinville Weekly and Northlake News Valley View newspapers

Excellent job on making this a thorough and truly user-friendly site to visit and interact with.
Kennerly Clay, writer
Eclectic Content

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